The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Cookbook

Beer and cooking are two of my favorite things (I also like long walks on the beach and don’t like mean people). My cooking has been nonexistent lately but The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Cookbook by John Schlimm may fix that. I haven’t had a chance t…

Beer Activists Action Alert for California

Syndicated from Brookston Beer Bulletin The following action alert has been issued by the California Small Brewers Association through the Support Your Local Brewery consumer beer activist network, in the hopes of generating grassroots support from beer lovers in California. Please help if you can. Dear Beer Activist, The craft brewers of California need your […]

Time to kickstart this puppy

This damn thing has sat dormant for too long. Time to get this moving again. I’m working on redesigning and getting some new stuff added. But after all, this is my personal blog — it’s going to be disorganized just like I am. I’ll leave you with this thought — a new term for movies […]