Festival of Firkins at @magnoliapub

Festival of Firkins at @magnoliapub – good selection of SF firkins. Some way better than others. I miss the imported special cask beers of years past. I understand that Magnolia has changed. But still, I hate change

Hey, @alchemistbeer, don’t tell me what to do!

Hey, @alchemistbeer, don’t tell me what to do! 😉 But seriously, why is the guy on the can drinking from a glass?
Great to try Focal Banger and Heady Topper at @toronado for @sfbeerweek

Great East Coast vs. West Coast trivia

Great East Coast vs. West Coast trivia last night with @21stamendment and @brooklynbrewery. It wasn’t a fair fight, but it was a good time

Foggy IPAs on a rare sunny day in February

Foggy IPAs on a rare sunny day in February
While it rained like crazy in the morning, the skies cleared in time for a large batch of hazy IPAs to be tapped at Crafty Fox. Kermit the Fog and Frosty Nugz we’re favorites. Rounded out the trip with a Grimm Butterfly Door

Not the prettiest thing ever, but here’s some chilaquiles with chorizo, eggs, cheese, salsa bravo, and a healthy dose of @eatbeerhotsauce Nor-Cal Mole. Really rounds out the flavor

Not the prettiest thing ever, but here’s some chilaquiles with chorizo, eggs, cheese, salsa bravo, and a healthy dose of @eatbeerhotsauce Nor-Cal Mole. Really rounds out the flavor

Best Cincinnati Style Chili Recipe Outside of a Skyline Chili Restaurant

Cincinnati Chili was a certain acquired taste for me. Growing up on a more Texas style chili, Cincinnati style has a very odd assortment of flavors for one to consider it chili. Chocolate and cinnamon? Weird. Served over spaghetti and topped with a mound of cheese? Even odder. But acquire that taste I did. After being around it, and ignoring it for the two years I lived in Cincinnati, I oddly acquired the taste for it not long after leaving. Then moving out west to California, I was once again cut off from it. While I can order it at…

Back Home Again in Indiana(polis) – a beer explosion in my hometown

Indianapolis is the 15th largest city in the USA and it gets the honor of being my hometown. But Indy is not my home. I was born there nearly half a century ago and I lived in or around Indy as I was growing up. I went to went to school there, got my first job there, learned to drive there, and got married there. But to me, beer there was almost exclusively focused on macrobrews. Buying whatever could be had for the cheapest, usually by the case. I guess part of that is that I started to buy beer…

Eat Beer Hot Sauce “Pimiento” Cheese Recipe

Last summer I spent some time in the deep south, Atlanta. I make it there at least once per year to visit family. While a lot of people would say that Atlanta is a metropolitan city and not the south, there is still a whole lot of southern in that very large city. There is a lot to like about that, but unfortunately still a lot to dislike. The good is what I saw as a revitalization of pimiento cheese. It was on the menu at just about every place I went. I hadn’t had real pimiento cheese in what…

IPAs can’t reign forever – So, what style will be next?

At some point this all out craze over IPAs is going to subside. Right now it’s driving growth and keeping more than a handful of mediocre breweries afloat. But the consumer is nothing if not fickle. At some point the preferences will change and another beer style will take the spotlight. Reference barrel aged stout’s and sour beers which were each belle’s of the ball for a hot minute. Neither of those styles are gone, but neither are in the spotlight they once were either. Let’s look into the crystal beer glass and try to figure out what beer style…

A Beergeek in London: Bring Back the Mushy Peas

One thing that an excellent plate of fish and chips needs, is balance, it’s mushy peas. A delightful bit of veg to go along with the golden fried goodness of the perfectly made fish and chips. Good marrowfat peas cooked low and slow to the point that they can be easily mushed into a delightful green mash of pea purée is a thing of beauty. There is just something about the perfectly done and seasoned house made mushy peas. And maybe, just maybe add in a hint of mint. It can be a simple, yet delicious addition to fish and chips.…

Beergeek.com TV — Now available on the web

About a year ago we started to curate some of the vast number of amazing beer related videos on YouTube. The goal was to present them in what we though a TV channel might look like if it were created for Beergeeks. Fast forward a year and we are on Apple TV and now on the web presenting what could be thought of as a beer-related cable TV service, Beergeek.com TV. Just today we’ve expanded our offering to curate 15 different channels with hundreds of videos. Each of the channels focus on an area a real Beergeek would love such…

Sweetly complex: Midnight Sun Panty Peeler Review

Panty Peeler, by Midnight Sun, is a fantastically drinkable beer. One of the best things about living in Anchorage, Alaska is the beer. Seriously, what else are you gonna do when the temperature hovers around 0 degrees and the snow piles up around your porch? Go skiing? Pfeh, I say. Drink beer. With six breweries in Anchorage alone and almost 30 breweries across the 49th state, the opportunities for locally brewed beer are excessive. Er, I mean impressive. It was with great joy that I sat down with one of my favorites this evening, as I prepared a spinach frittata…

Official Inauguration Drinking Game

Well it’s finally here. Wether you voted for him or not, you have to see that he’s been more than a bit of a national embarrassment. Making a mockery of the whole US government by appointing the exactly wrong people to cabinet positions, sometimes people who have no idea that the departments they are to lead even do. And of course there are his late night narcissistic and petulant Twitter outbursts. Each outburst has the potential to become a national crisis once he’s sworn in today. With that in mind, here’s the official drinking game for the inauguration, follow along…

AK Beer Week: Arkose Brewery Happy Hour at Hearth Artisan Pizza

What do you do when the snow piles up more than a foot or so on your car, in your driveway, and on the roads, making driving a roller coaster of a ride down main city streets? You head to Hearth Artisan Pizza in Midtown Anchorage to check out local beer maker Arkose Brewery for part of Alaska Beer Week, that’s what. If you’re like me, you’ll be happy to brave the heaping precipitation to get a chance to meet Stephen Gerteisen, co-founder and head brewer of Arkose Brewery, named for the Arkose Ridge in Palmer, AK. Established six years…