Count Every Vote!

It doesn’t matter what party you affiliate yourself with — all of our votes are equal. I believe that Americans deserve to know that their votes will count – and will be counted. It’s time to: * Provide a verified paper ballot for every vote cast in electronic voting machines; * Set a uniform standard for provisional ballots, so that every qualified voter within the state will know their votes are treated equally and will be counted; and * Require the Federal Election Assistance Commission to issue standards that ensure uniform access to voting machines and election personnel in every…

Cincinnati Chili Batch 13 Rocks!

Well I finally got around to making lucky batch 13. And it turned out fantastic. While it’s still not a perfect clone of Skyline — it tasted really good. The suggestions received — along with being less aggressive with some of the spices really helped. Read on for notes and the recipe.

GMail (Google’s Web EMail)

I’ve been testing out GMail for a month or so. Moved most of my personal e-mail to it. So far it’s great. Once they have the ability to access the e-mail from IMAP or POP and to read other IMAP or POP accounts it will be perfect. I will likely then move all my personal e-mail to it.

Cincinnati Chili Discussion Groups

I’ve set up a couple groups on Google’s new Groups verison 2 web site (still in beta). One for lovers of Cincinnati style chili to discuss it and where to get it. The other specifically for those interested in making it. Cincinnati Chili Lovers Cincinnati Chili Cooks P.S. Google Groups 2 is still in beta — it may not be available at times, but in the end will be much much better than Yahoo! Groups.

Underaged Hooker

“The RIAA sued a 14 year old girl for downloading a couple Jay-Z songs, and then in order to pay her legal fees, she does an ad for Pepsi.” … “That goes beyond fucked up and into something like legalized extortion. This girl got squeezed for three grand, and now she’s out there selling herself to pay off her “debt.”” [from Last Fall’s Butcher]

Pigs do indeed fly.

A quote from Frank Black / Black Francis, lead singer of the Pixies For years, when asked if and when the Pixies would get back together, my stock answer would be : “When pigs fly.” Then this happened : It was a warm September day and in the midst of the afternoon’s heat came a loud whining engine noise from above. This occurs quite often during the warm months. It’s usually a sea plane or a helicopter; both of which fly low in these parts. Normally, when this happens, the engine sound comes and goes rather quickly. But this time,…

Cincinnati Chili Batch 11

This is my recipe number 11. I took the recipe that Kirk provided here which was derived from my batch 9. I took that version, added a couple things from batch 10 and went from there. Main changes are the addition of vanilla (thanks Ric) and the reduction by 1 cup of the water. Click Read More to see the recipe and my tasting notes.

Skyline Chili on Cheese Ravioli

Mmmmm…. I’ve been working through a bunch of cans of Skyline Chili that I have been the lucky recipient of. That’s the main reason I haven’t tried refining recipe 10 yet. And it does need refinement. Out of necessity I decided to try the Skyline on something other than spaghetti. All we had was cheese ravioli — and it turned out well. Basically make a Cincinnati Chili style three way replacing the spaghetti with cheese ravioli. I’ve only got 3 cans left — and after that I’ll need to start on recipe number 11. My next real Skyline opportunity will…