From the bar down on the corner

Went down way too easy.

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Step by step, inch by inch, back to normal. This cask IPA from @freewheelbrew is getting me there. #vaxup #vaxxedandwaxed #vaccinatenow

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With each drink it feels closer to getting back to normal and out of this shit year. #yougotthis #vaxup #ɢᴇᴛᴠᴀᴄᴄɪɴᴀᴛᴇᴅ Thanks @barrelheadsf for being welcoming and having a killer parklet.

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The first beer after 13 months in lockdown. Blind Pig at the Toronado parklet. As perfect of a combination as ever. And very worth the wait. #getvaxxed #vaxup

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Feels good to be fully #vaxxed and back out there. Even if it is only outdoors, for now. Thanks @barrelheadsf for a great parklet and safe touch less service. #beatthisthing #gettingthere #almostover #vaxup #getvaxxed

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True tale of caution….. do not use a cheap give away tailor’s tape measure when measuring (well, anything really, but specifically) your wrist for a new watch band.

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Live and in use! Spotted at Mount Diablo summit. A nice Wilson Bohannan all brass lock. PG&E marked. #lockspotting

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Look at this fresh hotness. Marshall Best Security Z6 SFIC padlock. Amazing little satin chrome brass beast. #padlock #locksport #sfic #bestlocks

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“White lines….. blowing through my mind.” That song must be about a new pinning kit from @makolocks, right? Time to get busy! #deadsexy #locksport #grandmasterflash #pinitbaby

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A quick look at the rare Best 12B SFIC padlock

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Now that is dead sexy! Great work from @paclock_usa @paclock_prez. #madintheusa #locksport

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And another one. Best #padlock, F keyway, interchangeable core, awesome lock. Includes operating key.

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Offered on eBay — Vintage Brass Best Padlock 2″ wide

Pour is on point.

Could be my favorite beer (Narwhal from @sierranevada) and favorite pizza (sausage and meatball at @pibarsf). This was a good day.

This pizza pan can tell stories. Great beer, great hot sauce, greater pizza. (Sausage and meatball)

Cruzing I to the weekend with 50 barleywines at @toronadosf. What could go wrong?

Yes please.

A very happy 10th Birthday to the amazing @pibarsf – congrats Jen and Rich! #bestinsf #sfbest #happybirthday #sf #pizzabar #pizza

Yup. #notwoodshop13

Beer – related beverages are heating up. Like the really interesting dry hopped teas from @drinkhoptea. Really refreshing and 0 calorie, no sweeteners and a nice hop kick. Thoughts? #gabf #hoptea #hop #notbeet

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