A Beergeek in London: Bring Back the Mushy Peas

One thing that an excellent plate of fish and chips needs, is balance, it’s mushy peas. A delightful bit of veg to go along with the golden fried goodness of the perfectly made fish and chips. Good marrowfat peas cooked low and slow to the point that they can be easily mushed into a delightful green mash of pea purée is a thing of beauty. There is just something about the perfectly done and seasoned house made mushy peas. And maybe, just maybe add in a hint of mint. It can be a simple, yet delicious addition to fish and chips.…

America’s New Favorite Beer Snack

Well in the America I live in, pretzels have been replaced by Cheez-Its. Not any regular Cheeza-Its, but Cheez-Its Extra Toasty. You’d think this was a paid endorsement, but it’s not.  Extra Toasty Cheez-Its match perfectly with high IBU beers. Cutting the high alpha acids with just the right amount of carmalized cheesy cracker goodness.  Is your mouth watering yet? Here I am, as usual, sitting in a bar drinking and wishing I had Cheez-Its. But they tend to frown on bringing in food from outside. Usually I sneak them in anyway – a pocketful or two to get me…

Great Reason To Subscribe To Amazon Prime – Skyline Chili For $2/can, Delivered

The best reason yet to subscribe to Amazon Prime, Skyline Chili delivered. And not just delivered in two days, free, but really cheap. I just bought an 8 pack for $2.33 per can. Now when I go back to Amazon it’s showing it to me for $2.03 per can. Amazon really knows how market to their customers. So I bought 32 more cans…. Check it out here.

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

We were missing Indiana, so made a homemade pork tenderloin. Yummy.

Some Notes on Developing a Skyline Clone Recipe

I occasionally get email from people asking about Cincinnati and Skyline chili — various things. But this email was from someone who has put a lot of really good thinking into developing a Skyline clone recipe. I’ll be using some of these discoveries in my next batch. Thanks for the great insights, Alexander. ——- FDA requirements about allergen ingredients are not actually laws. Companies are not required to list ingredients that are known allergens. However, product liability torte law has persuaded most manufacturers to list ingredients that are known allergens. Failure to list allergen ingredients frequently leads to losses from…

Cincinnati Style Chili Batch 16

It’s finally here. After a 2 year break, hosting a homebrew club meeting at our place seemed like the perfect time to post the next version of my Cincinnati Chili recipe. Changes this time include increase in the amount of meat, more cayenne (perhaps a little too much), pureeing the onion and garlic, switching to dark cocoa powder, and a further refining of the spices. I think the results are fantastic. Perhaps the best ever! Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Cincinnati Style Chili Batch 16 3 lbs lean ground beef (extra fine grind if…

The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Cookbook

Beer and cooking are two of my favorite things (I also like long walks on the beach and don’t like mean people). My cooking has been nonexistent lately but The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Cookbook by John Schlimm may fix that. I haven’t had a chance t…

Cincinnati Chili Batch 15 is Done!

And it’s pretty damn good. I reduced the spices by quite a bit in this batch. All the others, while on the right track, all seemed over-spiced. Some new additions this time (molasses, mace, onion, garlic) and some taken out (onion powder, vanilla, lemon juice, ginger). You may ask yourself “what happened to batch 14?” — well it wasn’t very good. I chose to dump most of it actually. Cincinnati Style Chili Batch 15 2.5 lbs lean ground beef (extra fine grind if possible) — 80% lean 2 14oz cans Swansen’s Beef Broth (less salt version) chilled 1 cup cold…

The 3 Way

Batch 14 is done. Recipe coming soon. It was pretty good, but a little too sweet. I think I will try adding more chili powder and tomato paste to whats left to give it a little more savory flavor. A picture for you.

Forget wine and cheese parties — the true soul mate for fromage isn’t made from grape juice

“As a longtime cheese aficionado, The Chronicle’s weekly cheese columnist and a nightly wine drinker, I’ve reluctantly concluded that many cheeses give wine, especially dry wine, a rough time. But after several weeks of “research, ” including two marathon tastings, I’m convinced that beer as a partner for cheese rarely stumbles. It takes some knowledge of beer and cheese to engineer the most harmonious marriages, but intolerable mismatches are rare.” — Janet Fletcher from “BEER & CHEESE – Forget wine and cheese parties — the true soul mate for fromage isn’t made from grape juice”

Cincinnati Chili Batch 13 Rocks!

Well I finally got around to making lucky batch 13. And it turned out fantastic. While it’s still not a perfect clone of Skyline — it tasted really good. The suggestions received — along with being less aggressive with some of the spices really helped. Read on for notes and the recipe.

Cincinnati Chili Discussion Groups

I’ve set up a couple groups on Google’s new Groups verison 2 web site (still in beta). One for lovers of Cincinnati style chili to discuss it and where to get it. The other specifically for those interested in making it. Cincinnati Chili Lovers Cincinnati Chili Cooks P.S. Google Groups 2 is still in beta — it may not be available at times, but in the end will be much much better than Yahoo! Groups.

Cincinnati Chili Batch 11

This is my recipe number 11. I took the recipe that Kirk provided here which was derived from my batch 9. I took that version, added a couple things from batch 10 and went from there. Main changes are the addition of vanilla (thanks Ric) and the reduction by 1 cup of the water. Click Read More to see the recipe and my tasting notes.