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Cincinnati Chili in San Jose, CA?

It’s true. It’s there. And It’s good. Read more for details.

Cincinnati Chili Batch 11

This is my recipe number 11. I took the recipe that Kirk provided here which was derived from my batch 9. I took that version, added a couple things from batch 10 and went from there. Main changes are the… Continue Reading →

I (finally) get to meet Alton Brown

After missing his book signings many times I finally get to meet Alton Brown, the host of Good Eats on the Food Network.

Skyline Chili on Cheese Ravioli

Mmmmm…. I’ve been working through a bunch of cans of Skyline Chili that I have been the lucky recipient of. That’s the main reason I haven’t tried refining recipe 10 yet. And it does need refinement. Out of necessity I… Continue Reading →

Cincinnati Chili Batch 10 Finally Done

I finally got around to cooking up batch 10 of my Cincinnati Chili recipe. I threw in a couple new ingredients and it turned out pretty good. It’s still not quite there though. Read on to see the recipe, my… Continue Reading →

Chili Question / Next Cincinnati Chili Test

I’ve gotten a couple questions about chili lately. I’m no expert, but click on more to see my answers.

Loaded up suitcase with Skyline!

While visiting friends and family for the holidays I stopped by the local Kroger and picked up some little cans of Cincinnati heaven. I picked up 14 cans total — cost me $2.24 per can. Dumped them in a suitcase… Continue Reading →

Skyline online prices sky high – updated

I was thinking about ordering some Skyline Chili online from their store. But at $4/can before shipping I just can’t justify it. So I sent them an e-mail. We’ll see if they respond. UPDATED — They did. Click Read More… Continue Reading →

Cincinnati Chili Test 9 Coming Up

I’m trying to come up with a ‘clone’ recipe for Skyline Chili — so far I haven’t even come close. This could be a lifelong quest.

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