Beers of Joy documentary gets release date of March 1

Beer documentary Beers of Joy got picked up by Gravitas Ventures and has a release date of March 1 set. Check out the trailer below. TV — Now available on the web

About a year ago we started to curate some of the vast number of amazing beer related videos on YouTube. The goal was to present them in what we though a TV channel might look like if it were created for Beergeeks. Fast forward a year and we are on Apple TV and now on the web presenting what could be thought of as a beer-related cable TV service, TV. Just today we’ve expanded our offering to curate 15 different channels with hundreds of videos. Each of the channels focus on an area a real Beergeek would love such…

Toronado Barleywine Festival is Alive and coming October 1!

In the past, I lamented the death of the 22 year Toronado Barleywine Festival, probably at the hands of organizers of SF Beer Week. But, phoenix has risen and the Barleywine Festival is alive!!! Starting at 11am, October 1, 2016 the 23rd Toronado Barleywine Festival kicks off at the greatest beer bar in the world. Featuring barleywines on tap and new this year, in bottle from breweries such as Lost Abbey, Clown Shoes, JW Lees, and many more surprises. Here’s the fill announcement from Toronado: After 22 years of hosting the Barleywine Festival on the second Saturday in February, we…

Now open: Standard Deviant Brewing in the Mission District, San Francisco

It’s always a cool story to hear when a some homebrewers get together to open their dream, a real production brewery. It’s an even better story when that brewery opens to great support from the community. Include with that a solid lineup of launch beers and we have Standard Deviant Brewing, now open on 14th Street in San Francisco. Located in the shadows of the headquarters, the ominous armory building at 14th Street and Mission, Standard Deviant Brewing opened last weekend quietly. As they work out the kinks (pun not intended), finish the styling and seating, and add a…

Announcing TV – Apple TV channel for beer geeks around the world

We’re proud to announce the latest source of entertainment for beer geeks all over the world — well at least the ones with the new Apple TV, the TV app. This app curates the best of the best of beer related videos shared on the Internet puts them into a channel just for beer geeks like you and I. Already with over 100 videos and 40+ hours of content, it’s a great place to dig into while sipping your favorite cold beer. The videos are organized into channels and categories. The large banners at the top of the screen…

Would you get a bottle opening tooth replacement implant?

In an ad created for an Argentine beer company, Salta, rugby players had missing teeth replaced with a specially designed tooth that functioned as a bottle opener. Not a bad idea for an ad, but would you do it? Notice the grimaces on their faces as they open the bottles. Maybe it still needs a little work.

Cans of Craft Beer Are The Future / Past 12oz at a Time – Official Top 5 Cans of Craft Beer

Seems like more and more craft beer is coming out in cans. And this beergeek approves. The cans are safer, lighter, and you can fit more in a small space (like a small cooler or a large pocket). Not to mention there are a few places that cans go that bottles can’t — like poolside. The most important reason may be that you can shotgun a can of beer — don’t try that with a bottle. Beergeek’s Official Top 5 Cans of Craft Beer 5. Lomaland Saison by Modern Times, San Diego, CA This brewery is pretty amazing. For one,…

Don’t Try This At Home — Or Anywhere

Paste Magazine has a post up about crappy things people put in crappy beer to make it taste better? Better? How can putting a Jolly Rancher in beer make it taste better? And how bad is the beer that you need that. Perhaps that particular beer is not the beer for you. It happens. Move on, try something else. You’ll find your beer. In reality you should never put anything in beer — not even an orange slice, or a lime. But a Corona with a lime in it is the only way it’s served in most places. Perhaps if…

Mikkeller Bar

Fritz, you broke my heart.

Old Potrero Rye = Skyy Rye? Anchor Steam by Skyy? Skyy Gin?

A Toast to Bill Brand, Tonight at 7PM PST

Bill Brand, great guy and great reporter for the Oakland Tribune’s Bottoms Up column was hit by a MUNI train last night.

You Will Find Me at Toronado For The Next Week

Toronado sent out an email to it’s minions today recapping all of the fantastic events coming to this most hallowed bar during SF Beer Week (2/6 – 2/15/2009). SF Beer Week Kickoff – Friday, February 6th, 12:00PM Join Napa Smith brewer Don Barkley as he taps the first keg of “Original Albion Ale” at High Noon. This beer is based on the recipe from the pioneering New Albion brewery, which was founded by Jack McAuliff in 1976. When New Albion closed in 1983, Don moved on to Mendocino Brewing company where he brewed Red Tail Ale, and one of the…

SF Beer Week 2009

SF Beer Week kicks off Saturday. Are you ready?

The First Keg of Boont Amber Ever?

David Keene, owner of Toronado, made an interesting discovery in the basement of the Toronado recently while doing a little clean up. A few assorted kegs close to 20 years old. Some of the original 60 Corny kegs that he bought to transport beer to and from breweries, way back in the beer stone ages, before microbreweries had any sort of distribution. One of those kegs, with a label withered but still readable might have been the first ever keg of Boont Amber. Hopefully David will be able to find an empty spot on a wall somewhere to display this…

Toronado 20th Anniversary Celebration

The greatest bar in the country, hell the greatest bar in the world turns 20 years old this weekend. Toronado 20th Anniversary Celebration Come help us celebrate our 20th Anniversary, Saturday August 11th at the Toronado at 5:00PM. Some of the Beers: 1. The Toronado 20th Anniversary Beer, brewed by Russian River Brewing Company, on draught and for sale in cork finished 750ml bottles. I approached Vinnie two years ago about making a beer for the Toronado Anniversary, my guidelines were wood aged, big, and barnyard. We toyed with the idea of making six beers and blending them into one,…

Forget wine and cheese parties — the true soul mate for fromage isn’t made from grape juice

“As a longtime cheese aficionado, The Chronicle’s weekly cheese columnist and a nightly wine drinker, I’ve reluctantly concluded that many cheeses give wine, especially dry wine, a rough time. But after several weeks of “research, ” including two marathon tastings, I’m convinced that beer as a partner for cheese rarely stumbles. It takes some knowledge of beer and cheese to engineer the most harmonious marriages, but intolerable mismatches are rare.” — Janet Fletcher from “BEER & CHEESE – Forget wine and cheese parties — the true soul mate for fromage isn’t made from grape juice”