HOWTO convert canned Guinness to popcicles

“Here’s a HOWTO for converting cans of Guinness to popcicles by freezing them, slicing the bottom of the can, inserting a stick, cutting the top off the can, and sliding the can off. The results look beautiful and delicious.”  Just watch those sharp edges kids. Battle of the Beers

The Battle of the Beers is down to the final eight contenders. Moose Drool Brown Ale vs. Alaskan Smoked Porter Gordon Biersch Mäen vs. Penn Weizen Shakespeare Stout vs. 90-Minute IPA Sierra Nevada Pale Ale vs. Grant’s Scottish Ale Vote early and often!

12 Year Anchor Our Special Ale Vertical Tasting

Hosted a 12 year vertical of Anchor’s Our Special Ale this past weekend. It’s one of the few beers that I look forward to buying every year. The vertical turned out pretty good. It’s interesting to see how the beer ages and changes over the years. Even though the recipe changes every year there are some consitant themes through out the year. Ginger and spruce make frequent appearances. This is one beer that definitely ages well. The spices seem to blend and the beer becomes fuller over time. In my opinion, the best vintages were the 00, 97, 95, 93…

Coming Next — Dickens Cider

The makers of Jolt Cola this month roll out Poker Beer, which comes in bottles featuring poker hands. Every bottle carries a label with four different playing cards of a five-card poker hand. The final card is hidden under the bottlecap. About 1.7 million hands are available, thanks to variable printing. Producer Wet Planet expects people to play games with the beer — such as the loser buying the next round. company president C.J. Rapp said he’s aware of the potential for criticism, but Wet Planet is not encouraging drunkenness. “There are laws out there that deter people from drinking…

Holiday Beers

Picked up Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale and Anchor Brewing’s Our Special Ale yesterday. My two favorite holiday beers. Unfortunately I have a bit of a cold — so since I can’t taste them it will have to wait until I get my senses back. Very annoying.