Toronado Winter Solstice Holiday Celebration Ruined By Football Game

This just in… Beergeeks celebrating the winter solstice had their celebration ruined by annoying football fans. I wa knee deep in 20+ holiday beers when all of a sudden the Bears / Packers game appeared on the TVs here at Toronado. Instantly a rowdy group of swill drinking (overheard: can I get a Bud?) dorks descended on the bar. As I ordered my first Anchor Christmas ale of the evening, these football fanatics start yelling an shouting a the TVs like the players could hear them. In other news, football watchers tend to refer to their favorite team as ‘we’…

Cincinnati Style Chili Batch 16

It’s finally here. After a 2 year break, hosting a homebrew club meeting at our place seemed like the perfect time to post the next version of my Cincinnati Chili recipe. Changes this time include increase in the amount of meat, more cayenne (perhaps a little too much), pureeing the onion and garlic, switching to dark cocoa powder, and a further refining of the spices. I think the results are fantastic. Perhaps the best ever! Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Cincinnati Style Chili Batch 16 3 lbs lean ground beef (extra fine grind if…

Indiana Sucks Post of the Day: Book Banning in Perry Township, Indianapolis

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an Indiana Sucks post.  I thought I might be free from the pain….  But this one was just too perfect of an example why the red state known of Indiana is at least 75 years behind the coastal states: Indiana Teacher suspended for giving student a book Perry Township teacher Connie Heermann a 27 year teaching veteran, was suspended from her job at Perry Meridian High School for a year and a half without pay, for giving her high school English class the book Freedom Writer’s Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens…

Beer Activists Action Alert for California

Syndicated from Brookston Beer Bulletin The following action alert has been issued by the California Small Brewers Association through the Support Your Local Brewery consumer beer activist network, in the hopes of generating grassroots support from beer lovers in California. Please help if you can. Dear Beer Activist, The craft brewers of California need your help! A bill sponsored by Anheuser-Busch, AB 1245 (Torrico) is being heard in committee this Tuesday, June 24th. This bill would significantly expand the limits on what a brewer can give away to a retailer. Currently, a brewer can only give away small items of…

Time to kickstart this puppy

This damn thing has sat dormant for too long. Time to get this moving again. I’m working on redesigning and getting some new stuff added. But after all, this is my personal blog — it’s going to be disorganized just like I am. I’ll leave you with this thought — a new term for movies that is analogous to “Jumping the Shark” for TV — “Nuking the Fridge”. (Hat tip to Jeff L. for that one) If you haven’t seen the new Raiders of the Lost Ark movie that may not make sense. Cheers!

Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter, has died.

Very sorry to hear of the passing of perhaps the greatest beer writer in history, Michael Jackson. Mr. Jackson, better known as The Beer Hunter passed away last night in his home in London. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Jackson a few times while working for Real Beer. He was a good and very knowledgeable man. One of his methods of beer writing others could learn from still, never say anything bad about a beer, just don’t say anything at all. That points to how revered a mention by Mr. Jackson was by all brewers. Some of his…

Forget wine and cheese parties — the true soul mate for fromage isn’t made from grape juice

“As a longtime cheese aficionado, The Chronicle’s weekly cheese columnist and a nightly wine drinker, I’ve reluctantly concluded that many cheeses give wine, especially dry wine, a rough time. But after several weeks of “research, ” including two marathon tastings, I’m convinced that beer as a partner for cheese rarely stumbles. It takes some knowledge of beer and cheese to engineer the most harmonious marriages, but intolerable mismatches are rare.” — Janet Fletcher from “BEER & CHEESE – Forget wine and cheese parties — the true soul mate for fromage isn’t made from grape juice”

HOWTO convert canned Guinness to popcicles

“Here’s a HOWTO for converting cans of Guinness to popcicles by freezing them, slicing the bottom of the can, inserting a stick, cutting the top off the can, and sliding the can off. The results look beautiful and delicious.”  Just watch those sharp edges kids.

Indiana Sucks post of the day!

“65+ dogs and cats living in sin and 38 dead cats in a refrigerator”  [via FARK] MEXICO, Ind. — Investigators reported finding 38 dead cats in the refrigerators of two Miami County homes and have charged a woman with animal neglect. The owners of a rural home near the town of Mexico had asked Carla C. Randolph of Peru to occasionally check on their house while wintering in Florida, the Miami County Sheriff’s Department said. …

Count Every Vote!

It doesn’t matter what party you affiliate yourself with — all of our votes are equal. I believe that Americans deserve to know that their votes will count – and will be counted. It’s time to: * Provide a verified paper ballot for every vote cast in electronic voting machines; * Set a uniform standard for provisional ballots, so that every qualified voter within the state will know their votes are treated equally and will be counted; and * Require the Federal Election Assistance Commission to issue standards that ensure uniform access to voting machines and election personnel in every…

GMail (Google’s Web EMail)

I’ve been testing out GMail for a month or so. Moved most of my personal e-mail to it. So far it’s great. Once they have the ability to access the e-mail from IMAP or POP and to read other IMAP or POP accounts it will be perfect. I will likely then move all my personal e-mail to it.

Underaged Hooker

“The RIAA sued a 14 year old girl for downloading a couple Jay-Z songs, and then in order to pay her legal fees, she does an ad for Pepsi.” … “That goes beyond fucked up and into something like legalized extortion. This girl got squeezed for three grand, and now she’s out there selling herself to pay off her “debt.”” [from Last Fall’s Butcher]