Pigs do indeed fly.

A quote from Frank Black / Black Francis, lead singer of the Pixies For years, when asked if and when the Pixies would get back together, my stock answer would be : “When pigs fly.” Then this happened : It was a warm September day and in the midst of the afternoon’s heat came a loud whining engine noise from above. This occurs quite often during the warm months. It’s usually a sea plane or a helicopter; both of which fly low in these parts. Normally, when this happens, the engine sound comes and goes rather quickly. But this time,…

I just can’t decide….

Arnold, Gary or Larry. They are all just so damn appealing…. So it’s the Terminator, the “What you talkin’ about Willis” kid or the smut peddler with a heart. In the end shouldn’t smut always win?

Even Adobe prefers Windows

A study posted at Adobe’s website describes how traditionally Mac-centric tasks (rendering using After Effects, Illustrator & Photoshop) are all faster on a PC. These kinds of studies are a dime a dozen; what’s interesting isn’t which platform is faster, but that Adobe would host a page proclaiming the PC is the “preferred” platform for such tasks. Given the notoriously fickle folks at Quark, I would have pegged Adobe as the biggest Mac boosters in the third party software market. Are times changing? [via MetaFilter]

25th Hour Review

I’m just not sure about this movie. One one hand it is a good movie filled with great characters (though none of them original), on the other hand it seems like a poorly conceived and maybe even exploitative tribute to the World Trade Center disaster. The story of the movie is that Monty (Edward Norton) has been convicted of a crime and must set the relationships in his life straight before he heads off to jail. It’s a great premise pulled off fairly well. The movie moves a bit slow, but is filled with generally good dialog that seems to…

Musee Mechanique Re-opens

Musee Mechanique, my favorite place in San Francisco, has re-opened at it’s new location near fisherman’s wharf. They are now located at Pier 45 (Shed A at the end of Taylor Street). They have a 2 1/2 year lease but hope to extend it further. The collection is rather fragile. They didn’t lose anything during the last move, but there were a few items damaged. Stop by and take a look if you are in the area. It’s a fantastic place.

Best bad TV, ever.

The WB’s Surreal Life must be the best bad TV show ever. Throw 7 people who’s collective fame clock is at 14:59 and counting into a house and see what happens. It’s amazing. The best bad TV has ever been. It’s on WB on Thursdays at 9:00pm.

I’m just not too motivated…

This explains a lot. according to a japanese study, as reported by lisa bowman, prolonged daily computer use can make you sore and sap your strength, energy and motivation. sounds about right. [via trained monkey] — Composed with Newz Crawler 1.3 http://www.newzcrawler.com/

Copy a record in MySQL

An easy single command to copy a record from one table to another in MySQL:    insert into destinationdb.destinationtable      select * from sourcedatabase.sourcetable      where code = ‘123’;

Spam goes to a trickle.

I think I finally may have found the spam fighting program that works best for me. SpamPal is a proxy program that sits between your e-mail program and the server it communicates with. For me it does a great job of catching spam. Yesterday it caught 198 of 203 spam messages with zero false positives. Give it a try if you are looking for such a program.

The Truth Is…

“The truth is somwhere between the optimist and the pessimist.  Usually closer to the pessimist.” – Unknown Not sure where this came from — sounds like something Mark Twain would write.