Indiana Sucks post of the day!

“65+ dogs and cats living in sin and 38 dead cats in a refrigerator”  [via FARK]

MEXICO, Ind. — Investigators reported finding 38 dead cats in the refrigerators of two Miami County homes and have charged a woman with animal neglect.

The owners of a rural home near the town of Mexico had asked Carla C. Randolph of Peru to occasionally check on their house while wintering in Florida, the Miami County Sheriff’s Department said.


Indiana is the most ugly & technologically backwards state in the nation…….I surrender!!! I’m outta here. The Brain-Drain continues…..The governor is a boot licking bushie who failed in D.C., so he came back to Idiotana to fail some more.

well I thought Indiana was bad till I moved to new jersey….holy sheet..this state is the worst to live in talk about getting the hell out of here in a hurry…Indiana rocks…come to new jersey and will be so confused by the road systems and the lack of road repair and if you smoke be prepared to spend 6 bucks for a pack of ciggs…I could tell you more…but why bother…going back home to a real state that does not milk the life out of a minimun wage paycheck…Indiana is my home.

Indiana DOES suck, especially the further south you go. I come from the north, South Bend area, which is relatively civilized (for Indiana), but now I live west of Indianapolis in a little jerkwater town called Brazil. Here, everyone knows your business whether you want them to or not. Of course, Indiana is one of the most far-right-wing states in the country…here you’re either a Republican or pretend to be one if you want to get elected. We’re moving to Michigan and I can’t wait to get the hell out of here!

Indiana does suck – the minute I crossed the border I felt like Wile. E Coyote – Super Genius-
This is the capitol of mediocrity and they love it – oh how ignoarant are blissful! fuckers….

Indiana is pretty much the most worthless state in the country. Indianaians need to address the fact that when entering the state of indiana one is overcommed by the ignoratly planned landscape of billboards and power lines, poorly build structures and terribly orginized transportation system. Indiana could be improved only by the people changing their attidudes about urban planning. Indiana needs to have forsight and think about what happens when the shovel hits the ground in order to build another cigarette outlet center. God save Indiana for the sake of the midwest.

I may be 20 but in those years I have watched as my state has change and degraded over the years. It so sad to watch this place just desentigrate over the years and do nothing to really improve it. No wonder so many people want to leave and LEAVE. There is nothing here for people who AREN’T intrested in sports or working at Lily. I want to become an artist but there is no real outlet here at all at least what I’m going for.

I really want to get out of here as I have wasted half of my life here already. Fuck this shit. Indiana will get my tax money once it actually becomes a real fuckin’ state and not some place that’s so backwards it might as well be something from the Twilight Zone. 😐

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