Loaded up suitcase with Skyline!

While visiting friends and family for the holidays I stopped by the local Kroger and picked up some little cans of Cincinnati heaven.

I picked up 14 cans total — cost me $2.24 per can. Dumped them in a suitcase — checked it on the plane and it got back safely. Now I just need to try making my own batch again — now that I can compare it to the real stuff. Hopefully I can work on that this weekend.

Anyone want to open up a Skyline franchise in San Francisco? I keep checking — but they never get farther west…


So hows it coming with #10 already. I don’t expect to get to cincinnati in this life and I can’t find the canned stuff here. I’m depending on you for the real deal. Anyway I don’t buy these restaurants “secret recipe” crap. Its food, not nuclear secrets.

hi beergeek – how did the recipe come out? i tried making the chili yesterday from a recipe i have had for a few years. it was horrible. after a few bites the inside of my mouth felt as if it was covered with grease. can you tell me if there is a way to make the chili without it being so greasy? is there some way that you get the grease out? thanks – april

Actually, Skyline isn’t franchising in California – they explicitly say so. Bummer. But, I’m counting the days until the Lansing Skyline opens in June!

Jeff in East Lansing

I keep dreaming that my two loves will come together some day as well. Southern California and Skyline chili. I have no need and no desire to be back in the Queen city other than to get my Skyline fix. Please keep working on your recipes!

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